The next time you are out driving, look on the back bumpers and windshields of the cars in front of you. You’ll be amazed at how many company logos you’ll see.  The reason the driver put the logo on the car is that they have a strong emotional attachment and want to be associated with the company.

It is human nature to be attracted to things that make you feel good. Great branded companies make people feel good.

My strategic partner, Andy Brenits of Brenits Creative, always says, “Your logo is NOT your Brand.” And he is right. No one puts a company logo on their car just because they like the way the logo looks. It is more emotional.

My definition of a brand is slightly different from most others’. I like to say that a company’s brand is the experience an individual has with that company.  This experience comes from how a company looks, communicates and acts.

The look is the foundation of a powerful brand. While the logo is a major component of the way a company looks, it is only part. Other visuals include the color scheme, typography and graphic elements. These are just as important as the logo. For example, different colors evoke different emotions. That means selecting the right color combination can make all the difference in the way a customer feels about a company.

How a company communicates is another important aspect of having a powerful brand. This includes not only what is said or written, but how it is said or written. Sentence length, syllabic count and word choice all come into play when trying to share information with customers.  For example, the adjectives lovely and beautiful can describe a lamp. However, depending on which word is used, the mind’s eye will generate a different type of lamp, and evoke a different feeling.

Lastly, actions and behaviors must be on brand. You can say and look a certain way, but if you act in a different manner, then the first two are for naught. I see this all the time. There is a company that continually talks about the importance of customers, and how they are doing everything they can to make the customer experience better. But then they took actions, that in the end, reduced the human interaction between customers and the company. Acting off-brand leads to an erosion in customer confidence.

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