Founded in 2017 by Steven Gotfried, the Gotfried Group helps businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments achieve the possible. The full-service marketing, communications, and branding agency offers a flexible and integratable suite of services, including traditional marketing, digital marketing,  public relations (media relations), issues management, crisis communications, and brand strategy development. By offering a full range of services, clients are comfortable and confident because they know they are receiving the right strategies and tactics to meet their needs.

What separates The Gotfried Group, from similar agencies, is the purposeful use of behavioral science, pedagogy, and neuroscience.  Everything done for clients uses the latest research in these fields. This approach assures clients that they are getting advice, services, and deliverables based on proven science and not “gut feelings.”

Along with using proven approaches, The Gotfried Group uses proactive creativity to help clients achieve their objectives and goals. Agency employees are constantly looking for new ways to help clients succeed. They don’t just sit around and wait. They are go-getters, focused on making things happen.

While the agency has proven to be flexible and nimble enough to work on any topic, it does have several industries of focus. They are energy (including renewables) financial services, trade (and membership) organizations, products (and services), cybersecurity, and sustainability (including air and water).

In 2020 The Gotfried Group, for the first time, adopted a tagline. Achieve the Possible provides those who read it an injection of excitement, exhilaration, and energy. It emphasizes that with the right motivation and partner, anyone can reach the top of the mountain. For clients, it reminds them to dream big, feel confident, get excited, and prepare for success. It stresses for those who work for and on behalf of The Gotfried Group how to think, believe, and act. It keeps front and center the idea that a client’s success is the agency’s success, and success comes from results.

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