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Media Relations

Proactive Pitching
By implementing a combination of media tours, old-fashioned pitching and existing relationships we can get your message, story or position covered by local, national and trade media outlets. Our track record speaks for itself, as you can see from the sample of outlets we have worked with in the past.

Spokesperson training
What separates The Gotfried Group from other spokesperson trainers is that our curriculum is based on pedagogy, the method and practice of teaching. This makes our students well-prepared with the necessary knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence needed to work with reporters in the most effective way possible.

Social Media Management

By keeping a pulse on the latest trends in social media we can help you invest wisely in this important, but continually evolving communications channel.

Collateral Development

We write, design and publish high-quality and engaging material to facilitate informing, educating and motivating stakeholders. These include, but not limited to: infographics, annual reports, speeches, op-eds, newsletters, news articles, web copy and social media posts.

Issues Management

When outside influences are challenging your ability to succeed, we can help. Using a proven approach that starts with defining the issue, setting measurable goals and analyzing constituents concerns, we can develop and execute a communications outreach strategy that helps resolve conflicts, and allows projects to continue moving forward.

Crisis Communications

During a crisis we are your trusted advisors, with experience sitting around the table providing critical, unbiased opinions. We are someone you can trust to say the “emperor has no clothes” when needed. Before a crisis, we can guide you through a process of developing a flexible crisis plan that can be implemented no matter the direction an incident takes. You can sleep at night knowing that we are only a phone call away when needed.

Alternative Outreach

Sometimes communicating to stakeholders requires special strategies and tactics. The Gotfried Group can help with these alternative ways to connect and influence those important to your ability to be successful. These include, but are not limited to, event production, award programs, political theater and conference support.

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Using behavioral and educational science because transformational communications requires more than creativity and a well-crafted sentence.

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