The Gotfried Group proudly announces the launch of G/MX, the next generation in digital marketing. It is not your traditional digital marketing service. It is different, better.

G/MX uses an integrated approach by combining digital marketing with traditional marketing, public relations, and branding strategies. Using all four disciplines gives you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that you are maximizing your marketing efforts, and not relying on a single strategy.


G/MX starts with a suite of top-of-the-line digital marketing services designed to

  • create websites that capture, engage, and provide experiences that turn visitors into customers
  • place a brand name front and center whenever a potential customer uses a search engine or listing service
  • produce marketing emails that are opened and shared with others
  • inspire a loyal tribal following on social media, with posts going viral and creating buzz

A full list of G/MX’s digital tools can be found here.


After understanding your customers, the marketplace (competitors), and your business we will help you select the appropriate approach to:

  • increase awareness of who you are and what you do,
  • create an understanding of why your product/service is better than your competitors,
  • create an emotional connection between your consumers and your brand, and
  • drive purchasing behavior.


Do you want the nitty, gritty and want it all the time? Do you want just the high-level information, and only when asked? Or are you somewhere in between? G/MX gives you a customized, personal experience based on your wants and needs. The G/MX digital platform allows you to monitor, almost in real-time, how your digital marketing efforts are going.  It also lets you post to social media and respond to comments on digital review websites without having to go to another website. You will have the feeling of control over your time when using G/MX.


Winning the digital marketing battle requires active management. G/MX’s automated process analyzes and makes updates to your SEO strategy on a weekly basis.  You will receive a report either weekly or monthly outlining all of the different actions taken to ensure your digital marketing engine is running at full capacity. You will feel comfortable knowing you are maximizing your efforts.

To learn more about G/MX, or to get a free demonstration of the power of G/MX contact or call (602) 568-5067.