Logoed Golf Balls Hurt Tournament Sponsor

Even in the age of the Internet, email marketing, and social media, giving away promotional items (swag) like pens, golf balls and cups printed with your name and logo continues to be one of the most powerful, yet least-understood, tools to help build awareness of...

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Use These Techniques to Communicate More Effectively

Today more than ever, technology allows us to have direct communication with those whose opinion and behavior impact the bottom line. Smart phones and computers put information at our fingertips. The problem is that we are now in information overload. I just read that...

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Musk’s Media Relations Talents Historic

Move over P. T. Barnum. The greatest publicist of all time may just have an equal. It is Elon Musk, formerly of PayPal and now of Tesla and SpaceX fame. Over the last decade or so, Musk has mastered the art of leveraging the news media to drive his company and brand....

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Using behavioral and educational science because transformational communications requires more than creativity and a well-crafted sentence.

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