Achieve the Possible

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The Gotfried Group is an integrated marketing, communications, and branding agency that combines creativity, contagious enthusiasm, and proven science to help businesses, non-profits, and governments 

Proactive Creativity

We are constantly looking for new ways to help you succeed. We don’t just sit around and wait. We are go-getters, focused on making things happen.


From the moment you meet us, you will feel excitement and energy, the kind that empowers and motivates. Our results will make you happy, our enthusiasm will give you the power to achieve what is possible.

Proven Methods

We don’t guess what will work. We know. Everything we do is based on the latest research in behavioral science, neuro-marketing, and pedagogy. 

A flexible and integrated service model gives you
comfort and confidence

Traditional Marketing • Digital Marketing • Public/Media Relations

Issues/Crisis Management • Branding

We help businesses, non-profits, and governments
in a variety of areas



Trade/Membership Organizations




Let us help you with your challenges

Does your business . . . 

  • Struggle with getting the attention your brand, product and/or service deserves
  • Lack a formal or up-to-date brand strategy
  • Need to improve the emotional connection between yourself and your customers
  • Grapple with customers not understanding what makes you special
  • Get frustrated by ineffective digital marketing efforts
  • Want to provide unique experiences for customers
  • Desire a faster sales cycle

Does your trade/membership organization . . .

  • Need to personalize member experiences
  • Struggle with demonstrating membership value
  • Experience low newsletter/email readership
  • Desire positive membership growth
  • Face an issue that impacts members

Does your non-profit/government . . .

  • Need awareness for a program or service
  • Desire public support 
  • Concerned a situation could turn into a crisis
  • Seek positive media coverage
  • Want to educate stakeholders about an issue
  • Have limited responses to call-to-action
Achieve the Possible